March 18, 2012

So, this is a busy week for us… the theme parks re-opened this week and our kids (and I)  love Legoland so we returned back there for fun times on Saturday, then of course Sunday is Mother’s Day.. and a happy Mother’s Day to all Mummies out there. 🙂 Then this week Joshua and I both have our birthday, one is still in single figures and the other’s… is not. As Elliot says to me, you’re old, I now regret saying the same thing to my Dad! 🙂

Well, onto this week’s photo… a book, fanned nicely 🙂

Have a great week 🙂


  1. I love the fanning! I have tried this over and over for a library project and I just can’t get it to fan just right for me!

  2. Great pic! I actually tried to see what it was. First i thought it was a macro shot of a flower, but at the same time it wasn’t but of course; a book!

    Great photo!

  3. Strange, I would never have said it was a picture of a book.
    Good though, once I knew what it was 🙂

  4. Great angle of the book! 😀

  5. Lovely image – I like the composition. Legoland is such fun! It’s nice when those places open up for the Summer season again.

  6. Beautiful work, Nigel…
    a great ‘read’ you’ve created here…

  7. like it – the light is wonderful nigel!

  8. Love the image…simple yet creative. Oh and a very Happy Birthday to you both! 🙂

  9. Great balance! Great shot!

  10. Lovely work Nigel. I think you have made a simplistic subject look awesome by playing with lighting. Looks very abstract to me.

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