New place to share

September 27, 2013

Hello all, as you know I’ve not been using wordpress much of late and I’ve not been keeping up with everyone’s blogs. More and more I find that Facebook is a  easier medium to consume artwork. As such I’ve set up a Facebook group for like minded people to share and chat about photography and art. You can find the group by searching for Click & Paint or via me at http://www.facebook.com/nigel.cardozo – I hope to see you there – feel free to invite your friends. 



  1. Hello! Nice to see a blog post from you in my feed! I can’t find the group! It doesn’t appear in your groups list via your profile or my search results…is it restricted in any way?

  2. I agree – it’s so much easier for me to share and comment right on Facebook.

  3. Hi Nigel! Thought I’d stop by as it has been a very long time. Are you still running the art and photo page? I wasn’t sure as the link is for your personal FB page and it didn’t come up when I searched. Hope you are well. Merry Christmas!

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