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July 24, 2011

One year ago yesterday I finally got the chickenpox which sucked because it was my wife’s birthday, and having a husband and child with the pox is not a good way to spend a birthday. This year a couple of close friends birthdays also went similar ways. For one, I was ill, for the other, he fell of his motorbike. Then for my birthday, one of the kids was ill. On each of those occassions we’d booked tickets for something and for each, we were unable to attend. So, yesterday and today, nothing booked, nobody got ill and we got to go and watch Cars2 and head to the beach. Lovely. 🙂

Along with this I’d gotten a few weeks into this blog this time last year and, being home for a few weeks allowed me to spend some good time on macro photography. I got a lot of great support and comments from a variety of people and now, finally, I’ve been photo blogging for over a year. I’d like to say a huge thank you to those of you who visit, to those who visit and comment and especially to those who’ve been visiting and commenting here for the entire time. As always, some have disappeared but a couple have stuck with me and kept on commenting, and I really do appreciate each and every comment and the support… it really keeps me motivated.  Thank you!

Have a great week. 🙂


Lines and Towers

July 17, 2011

I quite like the outcome of this photograph taken in Canary Wharf. So many wonderful glass fronted towers there that look stunning on a bright, sunny day. Boosted the contrast heavily on this after converting to black/white and the softened it a little.

Have a great week. 🙂


Pink Bells

July 10, 2011

So, if you were reading my blog in May you’ll remember that I took a walk to find bluebells and found none… since they had bloomed and died in April. Still,  I was pleased to discover this pink bell 🙂

So, completely unrelated but quite amusing… today I took the kids to the cinema to watch Tangled.. (yes, I know it’s a bit old but they had a special kids showing). Anyway, as soon as the film finished, I quickly took the youngest to the toilet before it got busy. When I walked into the toilets I though, wow, that’s a lot of cubicles… pretty good for a cinema. He did his um.. business… and as we left the cubicle I thought, how smart am I to have rushed here whilst all the others were queued up for the toilet. I found it strange that all of the other kids in the toilet were girls… and then realised they were all with their mothers, whilst I was with my son. As one of them gave me  a rather disapproving look, it dawned on me that I was in their territory as we quickly washed our hands and exited the girls toilets…

Today, I also discovered that I cannot speak covertly in front of my elder boy, (five). I asked my wife, ‘Are we going to T.R.U?’ We decided not to and then got in the car to drive… he then says, ‘So, are we going to T.R.U?’ I followed this by asking, ‘and what is T.R.U?’  to which he replied, ‘Toys R Us.’  We went to T.R.U.

Have a great week.



July 3, 2011

To break up all the flower pictures I’ve been posting recently, here’s a picture of a Deer in Richmond Park. Not sure what else to say about it… 🙂 The original photos was kind of boring, hence me playing with the colours in Lightroom. Whether I made it better or worse, I’m not sure but, I thought I’d try something different at least.

As always, have a great week.