February 17, 2013

My first post in quite a while… and something based very much on another idea I saw elsewhere… sadly I forget where. The good thing about this photo is that it taught me that I don’t actually hate Oreos after all.

Since it’s been so long, hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year! 🙂




  1. So nice to see you back, sir!
    For a guy who doesn’t like Oreo’s you sure know how to make them look good! I’m going to blame it on you when I go and eat an entire bag (or two) at once now, you know. 😉

    • Thank you, Sir! 🙂 Being a creative sort I’m sure you can use the Oreo crumbs to construct something visually stunning. As such the Oreo consumption will be a means to an end… suffering in the name of art.

  2. My favorite cookie! Great shot, Nigel.

  3. Welcome back, Nigel! Happy to see you back!!! Oreo used to be the favorite snack at my home. My mom liked it a lot until I had a high fever after eating all the cookies she brought home. Haha. Since then, she never brings home any Oreo 😀
    Too delicious to eat. 😀 I can’t resist.

  4. Very nice photo!

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