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November 4, 2012

It’s been good having a week off work, although I extended that to a week off from running and a week off from posting… (mainly because when I remembered, I couldn’t be bothered) 🙂

Here’s a macro shot of a lemon juicer…



July 15, 2010

This photo was taken when I borrowed a macro lens from a friend a few months ago. I wanted to create a photograph to satisfy the theme, colour, and for me, coloured pencils would suit the theme and give me an opportunity to try a macro shot. So yes, this was my first macro shot that I worked on (not the first out of the camera of course!). The first one is my favourite, but I’m fond of the other three as well. The photo was taken with a Canon EOS450D, a Canon 60mm Macro Lens. I used a sheet of thick black card from HobbyCraft underneath it, and just the regular built-in flash. In case you’re wondering, Microsoft gave me these pencils free for watching a demonstration of Office 2007 (in 2010!), they’ve never been written with and they’re still in pristine condition. 😀