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Ink Blot

May 20, 2012

Well honestly, I pointed and shot… no great back story, no amazing tale … just that’s about it.

I have a fear that Summer has gone… last week was pretty good and now it’s back to … well, it’s not raining but it’s not warm either. Come back Summer, I’m missing you.


To Alice

July 16, 2010

This photo was taken on a cold and frosty day in Oxford. My wife had to attend a course over there and my mum was happy to have the children (two boys aged 2 and 4) so this was my first opportunity to really head out there with my SLR. So, I went to Oxford and wandered around. It was very, very cold and I discovered that fat gloves aren’t good for taking photographs, and bare hands get very cold, very quickly. So, as I went round I had to keep heading into the various beautiful churches that Oxford has to offer. They proved to be great points for photography. After wandering around for a while I decided to try to find Alice’s Shop, the shop where Alice Liddell (Alice in Wonderland) used to by sweets. I walked through some of the side roads and saw these scene. I decided to use the monochrome function on my camera (which, I’m sure is frowned upon), and, although some people don’t like it, I decided to blow it out a bit (in PP). I preferred the overly white look to the standard black and white, I liked the look. Hope you like it too. What I really love the most though is the fact that this cycle is just left there, and the owner has no fear that some scally will steal it. I hope his/her faith was rewarded. 🙂