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Ice and a slice

September 16, 2012

This photo was taken for a ‘Refreshing’ themed competition… a glass of 7 up (free), a lovely slice of lime, lots of ice and sprig of mint. Taken with a macro lens and the contrast boosted to make it pop…

Have a great week 🙂


Coke Bottle

July 9, 2010

We were watching the football a couple of days ago along with my two sons, aged four and two. The two year old says a few words and is slowly learning to put them together. He doesn’t say sentences but joins two words at the moment. Between watching the football and playing with lego he says, ‘Cock ball’. He then says it a few more times. Okay, this is quite weird. My wife says, ‘No baby… it’s football’. ‘No’ he says, ‘Cock ball’, ‘No, football’. ‘Cock ball’. ‘Foot ball’. She gives up and says, what are we going to do about that (this is a reference to the time I said, ‘bugger’ and the four year old picked it up and said it in front of his friends and their mothers). My only response was… ‘It’s not something that I taught him!’ Anyway, a while later he said ‘cock ball’ again and pointed at the bottle of water, which was an old coke bottle. She then realised that what he was actually trying to say was, ‘Coke Bottle’. So, is it good that he can string two words together and that he’s not saying ‘cock ball’, or is it sad that one of his first word pairs is the largest brand in the world?

Anyway, with that in mind, here’s a lame photo I took. Still, at least it fits with the story! 🙂