Hyper Japan 2014

November 23, 2014

I almost exclusively now post all my photos to my GreySqrl Facebook Page but I figured that since Hyper Japan would good enough to give me a press pass, I’d return the favour as best I can. So, in case you don’t know, Hyper Japan is THE place to go if you’re interested in any way in Japanese culture. Over three days (twice a year) you can enjoy Japanese food, buy Japanese products, buy Japanese clothes, buy a flight to Japan, play excllent games, try your feet at Dance, Dance Revolution, enjoy a spot of Karate, participate in a Karaoke competition and last and in no way least… see some truly amazing Cosplayers.

Oh.. and POCKY! Lots of Pocky.

Photos below are from Hyper Japan’s 2014 Christmas Market that was held at London’s Olympia. If you missed it, don’t worry Hyper Japan is back in 2015.


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IMG_9097 IMG_9100 IMG_9151 IMG_9222 IMG_9252 IMG_9222 IMG_9278 IMG_9305



Two awesome Cosplayers that I was lucky enough to be able to photograph.

Leanne – https://www.facebook.com/himegoth

Yas – http://y-ukirin.tumblr.com
























Another two great cosplayers, who again were good enough to pose for photographs.

Alex – https://www.facebook.com/AisuruHime

Ronnie – https://www.facebook.com/fairykingcos














Even more great Cosplayers… 🙂























































So, now you’ve seen the photos, head over to their website to book tickets for their next event.


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