October 7, 2012

I’ll be honest here… I DO judge books by their covers, if the cover looks good, I’ll pick it up, have a flick through, read the blurb and that’ll be the decider on whether I’ll read it or not. Same with toothbrushes šŸ™‚ – I buy ones that look good to me… I wonder if anyone else does…



  1. And I do judge movies by their posters too ^^ If the posters look interesting, I bet the movie would be as interesting as well.

  2. Agreed, Nigel!
    Even if I’m not in the market at the time I’ll often stop to take a look if a cover grabs my attention!
    LOVE your macro work, too, of course!

  3. I do, indeed, Nigel! In fact, by the looks of your shot here, you and I may have the very same toothbrush…great minds, I suppose šŸ™‚

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