Ink Blot

May 20, 2012

Well honestly, I pointed and shot… no great back story, no amazing tale … just that’s about it.

I have a fear that Summer has gone… last week was pretty good and now it’s back to … well, it’s not raining but it’s not warm either. Come back Summer, I’m missing you.


  1. The summer is slowly starting here too, but already in 1 month it’s Mid-Summer, and then we start our journey towards the dark & cold times again…

  2. It looks very good in monochrome. Don’t give up on the Summer Nigel; this week is forecast to be good!

  3. Nice work!

  4. Love the title of this one, too, Nigel…
    it really does feel like it could be lines of ink (obviously the work of a very talented photographer)!

  5. Is that a reflection? It seems reflection-ish to me… I hope summer returns to you soon!

  6. Summer reminds me of blue sky and beach ^.^ Love it!

  7. I like the monochrome processing on this one. Great title too.

  8. Love love love this picture. Well done!

  9. Superb!!!

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