Eggs on Forks.

April 15, 2012

Eggs. you can fry them, poach them, scramble them and boil them or, you could paint them with light.

My recipe:

Take one egg, place on two forks that are intertwined.

Turn off lights and ensure eggs on forks are sitting on a white board.

Set camera to timed exposure and aperture to around f10.

Set time to 30 seconds, and click shutter button (a remote trigger is recommended).

Whilst the time is elapsing, use a torch to paint the egg, and then swing it around to create a lovely background pattern.

Import into lightroom and then perform minor alterations until perfect.

Export to WordPress and enjoy…

Have a great week 🙂



  1. Where do you get these ideas? Fun! And I love the result.

  2. Brilliant and very creative!

  3. ‘Egg’selent work
    (sorry, couldn’t help myself)!
    Very, very cool! I really like the shapes you created with the forks…
    and the background looks like it could almost be a water effect…

  4. Beautiful. And so simple in its design. I love the lines in the background too.

  5. With my imagination. I see the egg as the nose and the forks are the moustache. 😀

  6. Thanks for a delightful recipe. It’s a great shot and using a flash light to paint the egg and the surroundings makes it into a very special picture. Elegant and stylish.

  7. This is lovely! I would never have even conceived of such a thing to do. I love eggs, actually – but intertwined forks is great. What a mind!

  8. Really, really cool shot! Love it!

  9. That is pretty brilliant if I dare say so.

  10. Nice work Nigel. Very creative and simplistic. When you got nothing else to shoot, shoot an Egg 😉

  11. Brilliant idea…thanks for sharing the recipe…I think I will try a similar shot too, if you wouldn’t mind that is 🙂

  12. A brilliant concept, well executed and so elegant in its simplicity…Another impressive, creative work from you, Nigel. Wow…just wow.

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