Breaking Dawn

February 19, 2012

The last week was good, being half term I decided to take the week off to spend with the children. No work in the bathroom (well, actually there’s a little left to do but bah…), no plans to go anywhere just relaxing. Was good 🙂 Sadly Monday means back to work 😦 Boo…

Oh well, took a few more photos to add to my stash, played with the kids and found that the cinema is just sooooo expensive! £50 for a family ticket and some popcorn and drinks… and they wonder why people pirate movies!



  1. Nice picture of the dawn!

  2. Nice picture Nigel. Really like the toning and the calm atmosphere. I guess you had a great moment taking this. The seaweed at the bottom of the pic is really amazing!

  3. Beautiful tones and sense of tranquility.

    The cinema is so expensive these days. I remember the days when it was a cheap day out!

  4. Beautiful picture. I’ve pretty much given up on the cinema these days, it’s far too expensive. And last time I went the film caught on fire…

  5. Beautiful image, Nigel. And pirating movies. Tsk. Tsk. 😉

  6. Stunning work, Nigel!
    A piece like that would give any film a run for its money!

  7. Beautiful frame and tones. (And I don’t go to the cinema anymore.)

  8. Nice shot Nigel. Wonderful framing and like the moon’s glow along with it’s reflection. Looks very peaceful.

  9. Wonderfull shoot..

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