January 15, 2012

So, this is the first of my new batch of photographs. It may not be the most exciting of things, but, I like it. I tend to take a burst of ‘created’ photographs and then, if I’m lucky, I end up in a place where I get another batch of photos and that’s how my blog year tends to pass. As last year ended, so did my supply of photos! 😦 So, I had to once again think of what to photograph… got the camera out and got nothing, a complete block. After a while I grabbed a book, not to read, but to photograph. This was the first one I got, nothing special, been done before but the start of my photographer’s unblock 🙂 Don’t worry, they do get better… 😀

On a side note, last night I started to watch the film ‘Life in a Day’, a collaboration between Ridley Scott, Youtube and a lot of everyday folk from across the world. I’m sure many of you have already heard of it, and that some of you have watched it, but, if you haven’t, go and legally watch it for free here. I guess that people that have a passion for photography are also the same sort of people that are engaged enough to be interested in at least some or all of the following things… other cultures, nature, people, emotions and in general can appreciate that we all lead such different, amazing and diverse lives. All of you who read this blog have a connection with me in terms of photography, but, we’ve all had such different lives from things that have happened to us and shaped who we are today, to the jobs we’ve done, our ages, our friends, our passions and even our cameras… 🙂

Why did you get into photography? Please let me know in the comments… for  me, my Dad loved taking photographs and he captured some great memories. After my children were born I decided to take a photo a day, everyday for the first year of each of their lives. Eventually I started to take photos of non-Humans… and then via a friend I joined a photo group which pushed me to upgrading to an SLR and getting more engaged in different aspects of photography and… to this day, I’ve still not read a photography book 😉 – one day… I will 😀

Have a great week 🙂



  1. I have taken pictures for years, but kind of aimlessly in a way..and many have ended up in shoe boxes. I have more purpose now and try to pay attention to what I am doing so that I can learn from it..

  2. Photography has become an intrinsic part of my creative process. “Creating” a photo now often leads to the writing of a poem and the writing of a poem necessitates photographing something. Text has played a role on a few occasions and I expect that it will again. Here’s an example of something that came from a popular book: http://wp.me/pxjrA-94

  3. I started doing photography when i was studying Graphic Design. My first Photography teacher was Frank Lee. He is a very nice and professional teacher which inspires so many students. I like him so much! Now, you just remind me of him. 😀 Thank you. I wish to visit him soon.

  4. Very cool, Nigel…
    there’s ‘just something’ about type, isn’t there?!
    I still haven’t seen ‘Life in a Day’, but I’ve been meaning to check it out for some time… from the short clips I’ve seen it looks to be beautifully done…

  5. Great use of selective focus in this photo, Nigel.

  6. I started taking pictures in my early teens using my mom’s SLR. I found it to be a creative outlet. my mom was a scientist and had access to a full b/w darkroom that I could use with her on weekends… and so it began.. ha ha

  7. I really like this shot, and I’ll be sure to check out the video as it sounds awesome! I got into photography in college through my course, but forgot about it when I dropped out. It wasn’t until I went back to college and then moved to Edinburgh to go to university that I got back into photography. I think the fact that I moved to a beautiful city like Edinburgh had a lot to do with it!

  8. I’m glad you didn’t let your creative block stop you from taking pictures. Even if it’s already been done or nothing exciting, at least you work through it.

    I have always been interested in photography. But I didn’t really think about doing it professionally because I needed to support my kids on my own. I started taking photography more seriously after I bought my Nikon D90 a few years ago. And then I was unemployed and decided to start a blog to both keep myself busy and also to improve my photography skills. Slowly but surely, I hope to launch my photography business soon…

  9. I started taking photos when I started travelling, and it all just snowballed from there!

  10. I will be watching Life in a Day – it looks amazing. And to answer your question about why we/I got into photography: Photography classes that were required in college got me started, however my interest was painting. Once the kids came, there was no time, no space, nor the money for painting so my camera came back out to fill the creative void. The kids are growing up, but the camera hasn’t gone back into the closet – I think I finally acquired a taste for it.

  11. I was always interested in photography but intimidated by all that was involved with shooting film. I finally decided to give it a go about three years ago when I got my first digital camera. As things have turned out, I am now also shooting film and plan to learn how to develop it myself soon (New Year’s resolution). I will take a look at “Life in a Day” when I get the chance. 🙂

  12. Thank you for the reminder – I had wanted to see “Life in a Day”.

    I got into photography because I wanted artwork in my new house and didn’t want to pay someone for something I could do myself. Ha! That’s the truth, but I started out with a point and shoot, and David has been instrumental in getting me to move on to a DSLR.

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