Please… no more photos

December 19, 2011

Welcome back… to me 🙂 I’m now back from South Korea and finally have some time off, two weeks 🙂 Thanks for the comments for the last two blogs and I’m doing my best to catch up with all your posts that I’ve not gotten to as yet. Sad to say that I didn’t take my SLR to SK with me as I was going to be there on business and didn’t want to leave the camera in the hotel room all day. Still, I did take some photos with a phone I had and with my pocket camera. Will post more about South Korea soon.

So, the tree is up, it’s nicely decorated, the presents are all bought and just need to be wrapped and it’s time to sit together, enjoy some good food and watch Christmas movies. For me, I try to watch the following every year: Elf (best Christmas film!), Serendipity, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Home Alone, The Grinch, Love Actually,  Black Christmas (the original version), Miracle on 34th Street, Misery and Gremlins 😀  –  What films do you try to watch every Christmas?

Well, here’s my weekly post and one that I quite like… after asking the kids to pose together nicely, Joshua and finally had enough and flopped to show me his disapproval. Turns out that it ended up being one of my favourite photos of the day. 🙂



  1. Hahaha…
    it’s a wonderful shot (impossible not to smile at this)!
    For some reason the holidays always put me in the mood for ‘When Harry Met Sally’ (I think it’s maybe because of the New Year’s scene(s).
    Welcome back, too! I’m looking forward to hearing more about what I’m sure was a fascinating trip!

  2. Cute,,enough already! Nice choice of movies..Merry Christmas!

  3. Ah, what great looking kids!
    My must see each year is White Christmas which we catch at a semi-local movie house on the big screen annually.

  4. Ah, isn’t always those fun/not perfect shots that are the best? I love it! Cute kids you have! 🙂

  5. seriously cute!

  6. Nice 🙂

  7. Cute shot. 🙂 As for Christmas movies…my go-to film this time of year is “Christmas in Connecticut.” Not as well-known as some but a great old 1940s movie that I never get tired of.

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