Joshua in St James Park

December 11, 2011

A rarity, a post schedule two weeks in advance. 🙂 This photo was taken two weeks ago in St. James Park, London. The day was particularly breezy and lots of leaves made for great shots of leaf fights. This though, a non-leaf fight photo was one of my favourites. Joshua decided to wander out of the main photo and I managed to grab a shot of him standing still (another rarity). 🙂

Have a great week 🙂



  1. I like this shot Nigel. Gives the feeling of “lost”.

  2. So cute! 😀 A little kid and the leaves.

  3. Fall is always so much fun!

  4. A great shot Nigel, all those leaves remind me of when I was a kid running around kicking all the piles of leaves around.

  5. Such an effective shot, Nigel. Agree very much with Kieran’s comments.

  6. Love this in black and white. Great texture. 🙂

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