Backlit Flower

November 13, 2011

A backlit flower, not sure what else to say about this.

Have a great week 🙂



  1. Wow! This weekend surely brings many great pictures and your is definitely one of them! Thanks!

  2. Very nice Nigel. Wonderful back lit shot.

  3. I love the back lighting! Shiny!

  4. Kinda looks like an x-ray – nice.

  5. That’s lovely Nigel!

  6. It speaks for itself. It’s a beautiful capture and a lovely flower!

  7. A spectacular ‘glow’, Nigel…

  8. Beautiful!

  9. The light and presentation are both gorgeous!

  10. Great image Nigel, love the translucent petals!

  11. Really brings out the details of the flower!

  12. Fantastic photo, Nigel! The backlighting just makes this flower glow. Beautiful.

  13. What an incredible photo. The backlighting takes the photo from beautiful to a masterpiece

  14. Beautiful. Love the simplicity of this.

  15. Very nice… love the contrasting colors.

  16. this is beautiful…love it

  17. Wow, I love this!! Can’t wait to try it myself. Is backlighting all there is to it?

  18. Oh, that’s very inspiring and kind of thought-provoking, got me thinking straight away if I can do something like this too.

    • sure you can.. 🙂 I just used a small light from the back to illuminate it. I look forward to seeing your creation 🙂

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