The Abyss

August 28, 2011

Two weeks ago my wife, kids and a couple of friends rented a lovely converted barn in Kent. This made a nice base from which to visit the local area where I finally got to visit Dungeness and, maybe more importantly provided me with no light pollution at night, which allowed me to get involved in some interesting photography. 🙂 I get pretty bored taking photographs of scenery etc… what’s always been my favourite genre for photography is experimentation, playing with speed, playing with lights, creating an interesting setup for a photograph and it’s great to finally get back into doing these things.

Before I went away I bought a few fairy lights and the photo below was done using them. I got a lazy susan, arranged the lights roughly on the thing, focused, spun and clicked a long exposure (of around 5 seconds).

Have a great week… 🙂



  1. Cool photo! Hope you had a great time at Dungeness…look forward to seeing the pics!

    • Hi Helen. I found the boat that you took a photo of and took one myself. 🙂 I’ll post it next week most likely. Never found the abandoned speakers though. I want to go back there sometime in the future. 🙂

  2. Cool pic. I’m subscribing.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting and most importantly, thanks for subscribing 🙂

  3. Cool shot!

    • Thanks!

  4. Very creative work!

    • Thank you, Kala

  5. That’s one of the best examples of that kind of photo I’ve seen on the web.

    • Thanks very much 🙂

  6. Very cool! Electric shot, Nigel!

    • Thank you 😀

  7. Cool idea – never thought of doing anything like this!

  8. Interesting shot Nigel. Good to see you going back to your creative experimentation again. I missed seeing them.

  9. Very cool image, Nigel, and, more importantly…a very creative idea and well-executed! I’m impressed!

  10. what fun! great shot Nigel.

  11. Cool shot Nigel. This reminds me of the lighting experiment I did back in 2008 – here is the link.

  12. Wow! Brilliant 🙂

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