June 13, 2011

These beautiful lavender flowers, I’ve very pleased to say, are growing beautifully in my garden. I need to get more! My aim is to create a nice little place for the bees and butterflies to come, eat, thrive and be photographed 😀

Have a great week. 🙂



  1. Beautiful colors and bokeh in these images. I too love lavender.

  2. oh i love lavender my neighbour has a big patch of it, and i bring some in to dry 🙂 very pretty pictures!!

  3. Lovely compositions

  4. Beautiful! Great composition and colours. The bees are going to love it!

  5. Lol… love your concept for growing these beautiful flowers. Nice capture of my favorite flower…

  6. Beautiful shots, try some coneflowers and salvia, they will get the bees and butterflies going..:-)

  7. Nice work Nigel.
    First shot is real nice – like the creamy green background.

  8. Great shots, especially the first one.

  9. Great Shoot… Lovely DOF…. especially the first one 🙂

  10. What lovely photos, and the colors are wonderful!
    My lavender is way behind yours.

  11. Love the second image Nigel, great colours.

  12. Great shots, I love the DOF and the details!

  13. Amazing shots, Very Nice..

  14. Lovely. The light, especially in the second image, is exquisite. Beautiful color an d DoF also!

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