Christo Rei

May 30, 2011

Of all the things in Lisbon and the vicinity, Christo Rei is undoubtedly the most spectacular. A ferry and bus ride away from Lisbon, it towers high above the area and is visible from the shores of Lisbon. The statue was based upon the Brazilian one and was created to give thanks for Portugal not being involved in the war. The area surrounding the statue is very also very beautiful, with lovely flowers and offers a spectacular view of the 25th April Bridge which crosses the Tagus river.

Have a great week. 🙂

































  1. Pretty place…

  2. I like this presentation Nigel.
    I thought that it was in Rio at first glance.
    Your second photo is simplistic with the perfect angle.
    The next two photos are very well composed.

  3. There are many ways to say thanks to God, i do not really like this but this is their way

  4. i really like the first picture alot, and it’s very cool how the second mirrors the shape 🙂

  5. p.s. i need you to put your url in the comments you leave on my site 🙂

  6. Beautiful images, especially the first of the Christ King.

  7. I agree about the lovely feel of the first two images together mirroring each other, Nigel. I especially love images that show height. Well done.

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