Praca de Comercio

May 9, 2011

This photo was taken in Lisbon, in what’s known as the commercial district. Not much to say other than it’s about 2 minutes walk from a place that sells Calippo Ice Lollies 😀

Have a great week… 🙂



  1. Very nice! Like the contrasting colors!

  2. les couleurs sont superbes !

    • Mon premier commentaire français! Merci.

  3. isthat what they call a MALL in Lisbon? haha i have never seen a building like that, it’s very pretty here

    • Honestly, I can’t quite remember what this building was for.. 😀

  4. Nice shot. I haven’t been to Portugal in years. Your imagine has peeked my wandering feet 🙂

    • Lisbon is one of the most wonderful cities I’ve visited. It’s beautiful and unbelievably accommodating. The food is also, very, very tasty. 🙂

  5. This is a fabulous panorama of the Praca Nigel….it has the look of a palace instead of comercial buildings….great composition….peter:)

  6. I visited Portugal for a week, and absolutely loved Lisbon. Great shot Nigel.

  7. Very nice panoramic shot.

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