February 8, 2011

This is the final picture that I entered into the ‘smiles’ competition.  It’s called tri smile NOT because it’s a triptych photo but, because it’s made up of three different people’s smiles, Joshua, Michelle and Elliot, or maybe Elliot, Michelle and then Joshua. I can’t figure it out anymore!

The quality isn’t brilliant but then again, it was taken on an iPhone (3GS… so, no fancy flash or anything ;)) with very poor lighting. The triptych was created using the diptych iPhone app.

I better pick up my camera if I’m going to have anything to post next week!

Have a great week…




  1. Great alignment on the noses, very creative Nigel! 😀

  2. I would never have picked this was from three different people!

  3. This is a very cool shot! what a great idea. nicely done.

  4. They fit together so well! I think Ill go get an iPhone when I can (March), and try it out. Ive seen really cool things done with it, including this.

  5. I like the concept! very nice combination!! Good job Nigel!

  6. Good composition Nigel. I couldn’t tell they were different lips.

  7. Nicely done and what a great idea. It’s surprising how very well they all go together. 🙂

  8. Nice, creative, original image Nigel.

  9. You always have such amazing ideas! i never would have guessed that this was taken with an iphone, bravo!

  10. You are very creative with that iPhone!

  11. I love the idea, Nigel! Very nice!

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