January 17, 2011

Not much explanation to this one. Camera on a tripod, 1 second exposure and zoomed out whilst taking the photo… tada… star burst 😉



  1. But what was it in the first place? Some kind of light?

    • Christmas tree lights laying on a chair.

  2. Gives the feel you’re driving inside a tunnel. Very cool Nigel.

  3. Love it Nigel, awesome job!

  4. Nice one Nigel! I tried a few last year, but never posted any :- I’ll make it part of my Parallel Project this year 🙂

  5. Interesting shot Nigel. This image reminds me the space ride at Disney World. The lights look just like that as the car flew out of the tunnel.

  6. Innovative.. Nice work.

  7. Hi guys… thank you for all the comments on Starburst 🙂

  8. Very cool shot!

  9. I like this a lot – great idea 🙂

  10. I like the experimentation with light you’ve got going on here 😀 it kind of looks like a shot from a car on the highway 😀

  11. Lovely! Definitely gives that tunnel feel…

  12. I read about this somewhere recently, meant to try it … and then promptly forgot all about it. Thanks for reminding me. Very nice effect. 🙂

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