Explode – Original

January 12, 2011

So, the answer to the question in the last post… water flowing out of a lemon juice bottle. 🙂

Below is the original image that I used for the explode photograph – see the previous post.

I filled an empty lemon juice bottle  with water and hung it upside down with the cap on. Underneath it was a glass. If you plan to reproduce this photo make sure you set up so that the bottle contains just under a full glass of water otherwise either:

(a) – The photo won’t work well

(b) the water will overflow. 😉

I set the camera to ISO 100, f13 and a 5 second exposure. The camera was on a tripod, and black card was behind the bottle.  (I wedged the bottle into a sawing workbench and piled a variety of items under the glass to get it to the right height.

With one hand on a remote shutter release trigger and the camera in mirror lockup mode, I clicked as soon as I’d unscrewed the lemon juice cap with my other hand.

To light the photo, I had my cheap and trusty snake LED light with the bulb touching the base of the upside down bottle. This resulted in the bottle and water being nicely lit but unfortunately also resulted in the glass being lit green 😦

I put the photo into lightroom and converted to the whitish colour because it’s just… tooooooo green otherwise! After this, I rotated it and cropped it to remove the glass as I felt it made the photo more mysterious, more like an explosion as opposed to water flowing out of a bottle into a glass 🙂

If you do plan to reproduce this, good luck, enjoy and please link back to this post.




  1. Nice work Nigel! Thank you for the excellent description but, I have to admit, I actually prefer the green! I am going to have to pick up one of those LED snake lights. 😀

  2. Superb creative shot. I do not have the skill nor patience to attempt to reproduce this image.

  3. Interesting experiment and nice creativity on these shots.

  4. Very creative shot Nigel. Thanks for the excellent how-to. It looks interesting but I think I will I will stick with food. 😉

  5. Thanks for the detailed walk-through – very useful.

  6. Excellent Nigel! thanks for the blow-by-blow! very instructive!

  7. This is pure magic Nigel well captured and very well thought out…..peter:)

    • Hi Peter, thanks for visiting and the comment. 🙂

  8. I enjoy your creativity!

  9. Thanks for all the comments. 🙂

  10. Very clever. I like this shot too. I love the sense of movement you get from a still shot.

  11. Great shot – and thanks for sharing how you created it.

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