January 10, 2011

Last week I spent around 3 hours trying to capture a particular photo from an idea I’d got whilst playing around with the camera a few weeks back. This was the second time I’d tried to reproduce the image and the second time I achieved nothing but a big mess and a lot of cleaning to do and nothing to show for it 😦

Eventually I figured… screw it, and decided instead to try something different. What I ended up with is shown below.

So, what do you think it is? Have a guess and I’ll explain it later in the week 🙂



  1. It looks like water shooting out of a bottle, or exploding from the end… is it poring water in/out of a bottle, with the picture turned on its side?

  2. Hi, mmm.. First, I love the way,, I mean try,,try,, and try to get what you looking for… I am doing the same..

    Regarding the shot, I think it is a light ” bulb” ,, but please give us a good learning session on How-to.

  3. Thought this looks like an exploding light bulb. Interesting shot Nigel. I like your experiment type of photos. Don’t give up… keep working on it. I know great things will happen. 🙂

  4. Very very nice!!! good light and “texture”. Can’t wait to hear the explanation.

  5. To me, it’s an exploding pop bottle…perhaps some form of lemon/lime? Either way, I really like it and look forward to the explanation. Can’t wait to hear about the lighting, great job Nigel!

  6. First of all Nigel i like the capture the light and colours in this shot….my guess is that you shook a bottle of carbonated something and snapped the shot at just the right moment…..then you cleaned up the mess:D.
    Am i even close?…peter:)

  7. Very effective, fascinating shot. Great composition.

  8. Amazing shot. I love it.

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