Eye See

November 29, 2010

Had no time for blog photographs so, I’ve had to trawl through my almost empty archives for posts this week. Although we’re having a cold snap, I’ve only seen a very minor snow fall so far. Personally, I don’t want anymore than that, it’s enough for me… I like to look at snow but, I’d be happy if the snow just fell in the garden and the local park. 😉 Here’s one from last year’s snow fall.



  1. Love it. Love the clouds in the bottom corner – slightly different to normal, and gives the ice a sense of height.

  2. Wow what vibrant colours – great shot!

  3. Love the perspective of this shot and the bright blue contrast.

  4. I like the perspective on this icicle – I think the the blue sky in the background makes the icicle standout in this shot.

  5. Love the blues in this and great DoF. If you can believe it, I actually miss icicles! 😀

  6. This is beautiful. I’m sharing on my Facebook page so my friends can see your lovely photo.

    • That’s ‘cool’ 😉 Thank you for that, hope your friends like the picture. 🙂

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