liquid – A Drop

November 15, 2010

Taking photographs is fun, thinking of what to take… no so much. I don’t really follow daily shoots or other themes so, it makes things a bit more difficult. Whilst washing my hands I noticed that the tab soap was quite thick and, as such, slow to drip. That got me thinking about liquid photographs.  I decided to get up close and personal with liquid, actually up close and personal with water, and tab soap. I want to take this a bit further so, in two weeks from now, I hope to have some cooler liquid photos! Macro and hi-speed… perfect! Capturing what the eye doesn’t normally see is what I love the most about photography.

First up, when it’s repeated, it’s annoying and wastes water, but, when captured with a macro lens, it’s amazing.

As you can see, it’s all rather blue. I decided to spend more time with Photoshop to try and learn more about it. For this photo, I played with the curves to darken it slightly, and then I used the selective colour feature to make it all a bit more blue. Looks kind of like an O2 (UK mobile network) ad 🙂




  1. I like it – simple and effective.

  2. Very nice shot, thanks for your comments…

  3. Nice shot 🙂 It did actually make me think of O2! I like the flash of White in the drop which really stands out against the blue background. Lovely 🙂

  4. Lovely shot/PP. Perfect use of negative space to bring in focus to the subject.

  5. Love the background, great shot Nigel.

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