Snowy Branches

November 11, 2010

This photograph was taken during last December when we had snowfall. Okay, so, I know there are Canadian readers who are very used to snow but here in England, we don’t handle snow well. When it starts, we stop. No public transport, no rubbish collection, no trains, no planes… nada, zip, nothing. UK + Snow = Standstill.



  1. Canada calling,

    Yes, we have lots of snow, but then we also have a fleet of snow removal trucks, winter tyres, giant snow shovels and huge snow blowers (think lawn mowers but about 3x as large). We live on a little side street and even when there’s been a lot of snow, our street is normally clear within a half-day.

    Anyway, back to the image, which I like. Despite being so busy, it works and I think there’s a simplicity to it. I like shots like this, it’s an everyday scene captured well and turned into a very nice image. Good job all round I say.

  2. Can’t say I was prepared for this image Nigel. Last winter was the worst Maryland had seen for years. It’s way too early for me to be even looking af pictures of snow. 🙂

  3. I really like the composition. The lack of background buildings or anything else unrelated to trees makes it a very simple photo!

  4. It’s amusing that the UK stops after a snowfall. We got 80 inches last year.

    Love this photo of the intertwined tree branches covered with snow. And the black/white works because usually when it snows, it’s a black/white world.

  5. Transplanted Canadian calling…how I miss the snow (yes, I really do)! The snow covered branches are very captivating, great job Nigel!

  6. A great shot. I love the way the composition fills the frame, the complex patterns formed by the brnches.

  7. Great take, lovely branches, hope to see the snow..

    • no no… no more snow 😀

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