Bird Silhouette

November 9, 2010

It’s Sunday as I write this post and, some of you know  I try to take my week’s photos and post my blogs on a Sunday.  I’m going to keep going with the 5 posts until the end of the year and then, next year I think it’s time for me to concentrate on quality, rather than quantity. So, from next year I’m going to reduce down to at least one post per week, but, better posts.  I don’t have much interest in taking photos of nature and landscapes, my interest lies in creating photos and capturing what the eye can’t normally see, i.e. high speed photography, macro photography, light painting etc… Any suggestions, themes, tips etc… are very welcome either via comment or email (greysqrl@gmail.com) and I would sure be grateful for them from photographers and non-photographers alike. Anything from anyone 😀

This week I’ve not taken any photos. Boo 😦 Regretfully I didn’t get to take any photos at the amazing Legoland Fireworks show last night but, it was stunning, as always. If you did see some fireworks, I hope you enjoyed them. This week I’ve taken some of my favourite monochrome images from my secret (ever decreasing) stash.

I like this one purely and simply because it’s a cool photo of a bird having a good scratch. The original was a little dark, so, I made it darker to turn the bird into a silhouette, and then changed it to monochrome. If all else fails, monochrome improves 😉



  1. Lol… What a fantastic timing Nigel. Caught in the act. 🙂

  2. Nice one Nigel.

  3. I love this photo Nigel, great capture! I’ll start thinking of things for ya…you had better post some photos next year though, if not, I may have to jump on a plane and come crack some sense into ya! 😛

  4. Just saw this – great timing!

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