And finally… Elliot and Joshua

October 29, 2010

This is a rare photograph, the two of them sitting together and posing, happily. I have to first of persuade them this photo is for their nana, secondly tell them if they do this I’ll give them sweets (I’m a responsible father) and finally click quick enough to capture that one moment where they’re both looking at the camera.

Enjoy any Halloween parties that you may attend and, as always…

Have a great weekend. 😉



  1. So gorgeous.

  2. Two cute kiddos. I bet they’re keeping you busy.
    Nice shot of your boys.

  3. This, and all of the preceding photos are absolutely adorable! They are going to love having such great photos to look back at when they are older

  4. Lovely!

  5. Thanks for the great comments and yes, they’re keeping me busy !

  6. cute! very nice sibling photo!

  7. Yes, sweets always work!

  8. You are funny Nigel. Yes, I can see you are a very responsible dad. Adorable boys!

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