October 18, 2010

Sometimes, you can click, click, click but, the photographs don’t come. Sure, a print appears but, it’s just not right. That’s how my weekend was. A lot of photographs but none that seemed quite right. Eventually, I managed to get 5 that I was happy with. A lot got junked (I don’t believe in storing photos unless I like them). Next week though, I have a week off work. Halloween week  means lots of photo opportunities and, scary movies. Awesome!



  1. I like the glow/texture on the candle holder.

    I would have gone for a slightly different composition – may be a square frame with just the half the candle such that it’s positioned towards the right and the other half is filled with negative space.

    • I agree, the photo would have been better if only 1/4 of it were showing. Maybe I’ll try reshooting. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. I know what you mean about sometimes the results are not what one had invisioned. At least we keep trying until we get it.
    Nice one.
    in response to your comments on my blog – I don’t like blogger much and I’m looking to change, just haven’t decided what to change to yet.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    • WordPress, Sandra! 95% of the photoblogs I look at are on wordpress..

  3. I love this – the warmth and light of the candle, the concentric circles almost rippling out to the dark background. For me, the composition works.
    I know what you mean about struggling to get shots you are happy with. That’s normal for me! Out pretty much all day yesterday and got maybe 6 reasonably OK shots and a lot of rubbish!

    • I guess this is a good thing, quality control 🙂

  4. Nigel, I know exactly what you mean… I have days like that 🙂 This one is nicely composed and executed. love the detail in the candle holder.

  5. Hello, love the concept, love the light on the rim. My only thought about the composition is to perhaps have the flame entirely in-frame…just a thought.

    • Maybe I should have a week where I recreate photos based on the feedback. I guess that’s part of the point of this blog, to post, get feedback and improve. 🙂

  6. I’d hang this one on the wall if I were you. It’s very creative and has a positive energy.

  7. I personally love this photo. I like the composition – it’s a balance of light and dark. You definitely captured the essence of candlelight. Beautiful!

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