Leaf – Close Up

October 14, 2010

Here’s a piece of a beautifully coloured autumnal leaf that we picked up during the forest walk, macro, as you can tell. To me, it has this strange snake skin type look.



  1. Snake was my initial thoughts too! Nice colours.

    • Thank you. 🙂

  2. This is great – love the textures and brilliant colours.

    • Thanks, can’t pass up the chance for some good macro photos!

  3. Nice macro. I like the abstract feel in this shot. You could have made this as a guessing game and this should be hard to guess.

    • Good Idea! Maybe I’ll try to do a ‘guessing game’ theme week. 🙂

  4. Beautiful. It does look more like a snake skin than a leaf.

    • I wonder if people look at macros of snake skin and think… that looks like a macro leaf shot. 😀

  5. Great colours.

  6. wow, the colours in this are excellent, I simply love fall. 😀
    some friends and I went on a hike to photograph the autumn colours, I’ll have them up soon

  7. I didn’t think snake, but more of some kind of lizard…a colourful lizard (perhaps caught by some kid?) lol, any love the textures! 😀

  8. Beauriful colors indeed.

    • Thank you . 🙂

  9. Gorgeous colours, definitely reminiscent of some kind of pretty reptile.

  10. Beautiful colors and texture. A truly wonderful macro.

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