The Curve

October 13, 2010

When I go to Legoland, I never take my SLR. When I’m there, my reason for being there is purely and simply to have fun with the kids, so, I don’t want the distraction of the SLR. Generally I don’t have a camera but, I knew I needed to get photos for this week’s blogs so I took my pocket sized Canon IXUS 120. Whilst waiting for Elliot and Joshua to come past on the Duplo train, I thought this photo of the train tracks might make an interesting picture.



  1. Good one Nigel. Real simple and I like the way you’ve composed the curves to fill the frame.

    I hear you on not taking the camera everywhere. Sometime you just want to relax and mingle with the crowd…I have started doing this recently and quite like it.

    • Yeah, I find that sometimes, when I have the camera, I’m devoted to taking pictures and losing focus with the kids, which isn’t nice for them. 🙂

  2. I wanted to say thanks for commenting on my fall reflection photo, but more importantly to tell you that I really like what I am seeing here.

    • Hey… thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind comment. 🙂

  3. …and interesting it is, once again framing is very effective for a very simple object which would go unoticed

  4. Great composition, love how the tracks leads me through the photograph!

  5. Great composition here. Nicely done!

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