Go into the Light

October 4, 2010

I’m totally whacked this week, work has been not stop for 4 weeks and my brain is fried. I tried to get some new photos but, it wasn’t working for me. I did get a couple of new photos but it looks like Thursday and Friday will see me dipping into my buffer pile. Hopefully next week I’ll be full of ideas!

So, you’re looking at the photo below and thinking, ‘he just reposted what he had last week’. Not true, but, pretty close. This is ‘that’ staircase from below. Right at the bottom of the stair case is a locked wine cellar and not much else. It’s also a little spooky down there. 😀

Forgot to add the photo! Big thanks to herby for the comment!



  1. The pic’s not showing up on my screen … Is it me or did it not load properly onto the blog?

  2. No, it wasn’t you.. it was me 😀 Thanks for the tip off!

  3. What a great set of photos. There’s some really interesting building on this page and I think you’ve brought their character out well.

  4. Good one Nigel. I prefer this low POV. Nice texture on the brick walls and I like the hint of light at the far end. It gives me the feel that I am taking up the stairs.

  5. I really like this one Nigel, love the lines, the curves, love how it drew me up and around…

  6. I love the shapes and lines in this with that pool of light leading us upwards.

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