The Door

September 29, 2010

In the part of Lviv in which we stayed, a few minutes walk from the grandness of The Citadel Inn there were lots of buildings that looked to be abandoned. It’s quite sad really. Lviv is the cultural capital of Ukraine, yet, the airport consists of a few small rooms. It’s very small and not really built for carrying huge amounts of passengers.  So, when you find out that it is due to host Euro 2012 (football) you should realise that that will result in massive development. A lot of Western companies are finding the skills and costs of Ukraine quite attractive but, over the next few years, as the skills quickly increase, the costs will as well and soon, Ukraine will become a much wealthier nation I believe. Sadly, I fear that the cultural values which I saw on display will start to become eroded. 😦



  1. A very ominous doorway, love it! Any idea where it lead or perhaps, what it says?

  2. No idea. It was a doorway into a rather abandoned looking small building. I’d already had some weird dreams the night before so didn’t think I’d take the risk of entering the building. I’ve seen too many movies to do that 😀

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