The Window

September 27, 2010

I’m now back in the UK. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ukraine, but I figured it’d be cold. I was wrong, it was beautifully warm and sunny. The people were good to us, the food was great, in the place we stayed the service was fantastic and, the only downer.. I never took my SLR. So, this week’s photos are all from Ukraine and all taken with my Canon IXUS 120IS. A black and white week, this week. I stayed in a place in Lviv,  called the Citadel Inn. The place used to be used by the military but has now been converted. At night, it can be a bit creepy but, it’s good for photos. 😀



  1. Coming from Mississauga, where new subdivsions rule the landscape, I love anything with a bit of character. I like this shot, and the conversion. The highlight at the bottom is distracting but apart from that it reminds me that old buildings can still look great to a trained eye.

  2. I agree – very atmospheric!

  3. A bit creepy indeed.
    I like the hard shadows besides the textures.

  4. Nigel, I really like this shot, although, I will agree the light at the bottom is a little distracting but none the less, a very good image!

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