September 21, 2010

This goes along with yesterday’s photo.. as you probably worked out from the title. 🙂



  1. Interesting shot Nigel, I like it! I really like how the colours bleed from green to blue. I am a little curious as to what the white is on the cone (certainly can’t be ice cream), lol! 😀

    • All I can say is, I’ve never photographed poop before, but, there’s a first time for everything. :p

  2. Great macro! Nice composition.

    Incidentally (and quite off-topic…sorta), I once saw a gigantic sculpture of one of these in the Vatican Museum in Rome. When pressed, the tour guide admitted that nobody’s quite sure just why the ancient Romans would’ve made such an enormous sculpture of a pine cone. I always imagined that some smartass sculptor back then did it as a gag, figuring that if the piece survived, future generations would wonder why on Earth someone would make something like it!

    Uh, like I said…quite a non-sequitur. But it’s about a pine cone, at least, right? 😉

    • That’s hilarious. 😀 If I ever do go to the area, I’ll definitely try to go and see that. 🙂

  3. Nicely composed, love the colours!

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