ds287 – Cold

September 6, 2010

Most days after dinner, we have a desert. It’s not always fatty, often it’s fruit (okay.. covered with a thin (ish) layer of ice cream). Today was a special day. Today was the day that, after I created the desert, nobody could eat it as I needed to photograph it.  Worse than that,  I created the desert specifically for the photo (and will probably redo a nicer version of it), then separated it down to put on top of the apple pie. (I didn’t create the apple pie.. I can and have done previously but, store bought this time). 😦 (and no photo either).

Anyway, here’s the first of my not- dailyshoot-dailyshoot photos, COLD.

OH.. before I forget… this wasn’t taken with an SLR, as I played and finally figured out the shot I wanted, I got the ‘Please Change the battery’ message. 😦 Luckily my tiny Canon handheld was ready and available to create this photo (which I hadn’t even seen through the DSLR)!



  1. Not sure about the contents but I really like the lighting on this – very dramatic. Could you explain it in more detail? Single light source, presumably small and to camera left. Harsh shadows so I assume the light source is small and with tightly controlled spill (table lamp?) – but I’m just guessing – more info please.

  2. I like Nigel! Have you tried with the light source above the camera making the shadow of the cone/container behind it? It’s making me want to have desert before my lunch…and I never have desert at lunch! 😀

  3. Hmmm.. not really much to say unfortunately. I used my handheld camera as my SLR battery died. Single light source in the kitchen (as all the other bulbs have gone pop. 😦 Camera has a tiny flash, to the left! Put the ice cream container on white card and angled it to capture the container, and white below without capturing the table. Camera was in macro mode with flash on.

  4. I am one of those people who believe that it is not the camera, but the photographer that makes the photograph. Whatever camera you use, your skill will be what makes the photograph good or bad, and you did GOOD! 🙂 Nice work and effective use of the available light source.

    • Thanks, Michael 🙂

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