September 1, 2010

In general, I don’t manipulate the photos that I put up here. They’re pretty much straight out of the camera. This one I obviously did manipulate. It’s a cloud photo (as you can see) that has been played with for no good reason other than, it looked a bit boring and I needed a photo to post.



  1. It’s very good. Nothing wrong with a bit of judicious manipulating – it worked! I love it.

    • Thanks, Graham, and great use of the word judicious! Awesome 🙂

  2. Nothing wrong with a little manipulation. Interesting cloud formation, though I think the blue is a little dark. Perhaps a shade lighter so there would be more contrast between the clouds and the sky. 🙂

  3. Those clouds look like the ones that were hanging out here lately! I tend to agree with Emily, perhaps a little less in the blue department (not much, just a tad). 😀 I love how dark the bottom of the clouds are.

  4. Thanks for the honest critique, always appreciated! 🙂 I agree with both of you, it is a bit too dark. It looks like a strange cloudy night sky.

  5. Just my two cents… if I had manipulated this to this stage I would have gone one further and made it black and white, giving the sky an almost pitch black appearance with the lighter clouds dramatically standing out 🙂
    But I like a bit of “processing”, and it is a very subjective thing, so if it works for you, go for it!

  6. Yeah, I often manipulate the color shots I get from the camera…even with the “vivid” setting, the colors just aren’t quite what I generally want them to be. Of course, part of the problem there is that I’ve become quite enamored by the look of various high-saturation slide films, and after having seen those results, the digital versions just aren’t quite as saturated.

    Oh, and I also love black and white, so doing that from a color original obviously requires a bit of manipulation!

    Ultimately, the end result of your shoots should be more about what *you* see, not necessarily what the camera “sees,” so if that means you need to manipulate the results a bit, I wouldn’t feel at all disingenous about this, but that may just be me…

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