August 31, 2010

I tried to replicate the blurred soft light photo that I posted a few weeks ago. I wanted to recreate it without the hard spots. It’s impossible! When a photo has objects which are placed in certain locations, it’s possible to recreate it, however,when it’s an abstract photo based on the placing of lights against other coloured objects, it’s not so easy to recreate! Anyway, I had fun trying and here’s a different soft light creation that I kind of like.



  1. Cool abstract. Love the colors.

  2. Wow. I love this one. Gorgeous color and light.

  3. Actually, I think this one works out better than the other two. You know, the first one was too soft, the second one too hard and this one is just right… 🙂

    • 😀 It’s definitely better than porridge 😉

  4. I agree with Emily (although, for some reason I am hunkering for porridge…gaw, did I really just use the word hunkering?), I think this is an excellent mixture. Great colours, well done Nigel.

    • Hunkering. Word of the day!

  5. I like this, very abstract and very nicely done.

  6. I like this shot Nigel. Great colors.

  7. I really like those colours. I always find the same as you. very difficult to re-create something

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