August 27, 2010

After pretty poor previous attempts to get close to the butterflies, I finally managed. The Whipsnade butterflies are clearly more tame 😀



  1. I’m impressed with how close you managed to get! I’m rubbish at live insects; the only ones I can pin down are the ones that are literally so, at the museum. Nice capture!

    • Thanks, Melissa. I want to get even closer! 🙂

  2. Nice shot Nigel. I like the composition.

  3. What a nice butterfly to pose for you and you even know its name. 😉

    Nice composition and dof.

  4. Nice composition and shallow dof put to use 😉

  5. Excellent composition! These butterflies seem to be in unlimited numbers this summer, I’ve never seen so many before. Once again, lovely snap 🙂

  6. Excellent Nigel! Keep em coming (although…perhaps a man eating…meh, never mind)!


  7. Nicely done, good colour and composition.

  8. Lovely. Beautiful detail and depth of field and I like the composition.

  9. wow! this is beautiful!

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