My Gravitar

August 21, 2010

Here’s a rare weekend post:

A few people have asked about my gravitar (or been freaked out by it). So, I guess I should explain why I look the way I look. 🙂

A couple of years back I used to have a different blog in which I’d post about things I’d seen online etc… For one particular posting I was searching Google Images for ‘evil’.

Digression 1 – So now you’re wondering, why was he searching for evil… right? Well, I was looking for these horrific dolls that I’d seen somewhere else.

Digression 2 – AND now you’re wondering… what on earth was he searching for dolls for. Let’s clear that up as well. My mum collects porcelain dolls from around the world in their native costumes. These things are hideous, they scare me. At the time I was writing a semi scary simple point and click shooting game. I didn’t want to use humans so I had these evil little dolls pop up and the player would click on the doll to shoot it…. don’t worry, nothing too violent.

These were the dolls I used. Freaky, right?

Anyway, back to the original story. As part of my search I found that puppet that (for those of you who’ve seen photos of me) will notice, it kinda looks like me. So, I used it as my MSN messenger image and then it made its way to my Facebook, Google Talk and now WordPress logos.

Finally, for those who want to know, it’s apparently from a song called Evil, by a group called Interpol. Maybe I should watch the video on YouTube sometime, to see where I come from 😉



  1. Haha, I was totally just wondering about your icon today :p

  2. Ahhh, interesting. I just checked out the video, was captivating in an odd way! Now I am going to have to go find something interesting for my gravitar…hmmm, I do have a self portrait taken in the Hipstamatic app
    Hahaha…anyway, hope you are having a great weeekend!


  3. Mmm… yep, your Gravatar is a teeny bit weird. Well, no… not a teeny bit. It is weird. So, anyway… do we get to see what you look like in ‘real life’? Or are you too shy?

    • Very shy. 😀 I’m working on it though 🙂

  4. That’s quite interesting. I bet some of the folks gets scared by that gravitar 😉

  5. Yes I had wondered about the gravatar …didn’t like to ask! Yes I’d want to shoot those dolls too. 🙂

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