DS270 – Pattern

August 17, 2010

Well, this pineapple could have allowed me to qualify for the pattern daily shoot, or the triangle one. I guess I could have gotten away with using it for green as well. 😀 Anyway, this one I’m using for pattern. Another simple macro photo. Still, if you then cut up the pineapple, brush on a little honey and then grind some salt and pepper onto it. Stick it under the grill for a little while and once it’s done, throw it in a bowl. Add a little lime juice and a chopped up red chilli (no, don’t deseed it!). Finally, add some coriander and you have a lovely salsa as made by Delia Smith. Delicious!

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  1. Reminds me of similar shot I did for my photo 365 project – http://my3rdi.org/2010/04/23/photo-365-day-113-pineapple/

    I like repetitive pattern on this shot.

    We do grill pineapple sometime – while grilling pineapple, we heat up some butter and brown sugar. Then when the grilling is almost done, we give a slight coat of butter/brownsugar atop the grilled pineapple and let it sit for a minute or two in the grill and let it cool down before consuming 😉

    • A pineapple looks like it could make an interesting photo but, it generally fails. It’s what you macro shoot when you’ve got absolutely no other ideas 🙂

      The butter/brown sugar idea sounds good… I’ll give it a go on the weekend. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Making me hungry here… 😛

  3. Interesting details and colors. Maybe you can try a shot of it cut in half and get both the rough skin and the smooth inside.

    The best pineapple I ever had was in Hawaii… nothing like a ripe one right off the bush. Although, from the way the farmers were dressed you would think they were harvesting bombs. 😉

  4. I love this one so much that I’ve bookmarked it to look at again!
    I’m now trying to think what it brings to mind because it certainly does bring something to mind… problem is the old synapses won’t give me any more clues than that!

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