August 16, 2010

I’m not sure what to write about this… here’s a macro of part of a bunch of flowers. Sorry, I know that’s bland and uninspiring but it’s the truth. 🙂 It’s not the greatest of photos, in fact none of my submissions this week are… but, hey, at least I took lots of new photos and haven’t had to use those backup ones I’m holding onto. The macro lens is still bolted firmly onto my camera. Oh, these are the flowers the kids and I bought for my wife when she returned from her week away at uni… there, much more special now. :p



  1. Hey, we all have days like that. At least you are using the camera… Besides, now your wife will have a permanent capture of the special gift from you and the kids. I know I used to dried the flowers my boys gave me so I could keep it longer, regardless what it looked like 🙂

    • I never thought of drying them. That’s a good idea, they can do flower pressing for craft time today. 🙂 Thanks!

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