The Witches Tree

August 2, 2010

Near my house is this strange looking tree. It has no leaves on it, and the bark is completely white. It’s beautiful.

I took this photo with my (now deceased) Sony Cybershot W210 early one morning on the way to work, just as the sun was rising. I love the way the sunlight adds a beautiful atmosphere to that wonderful tree.

Oh, by the way… today I bought a new camera, a Canon IXUS 120, it’s a small pocket one to replace the dead. It’s good looking and functional enough… :p  I figured what I really wanted was something small. If I want great zoom etc… then I’ll use my slr, and if I want retro, I’ll use my iPhone 😀



  1. I like the layers of color here. The name is also very fitting. It looks like it is straight out of macbeth, Act I Scene I.Good job.

  2. Nice capture of the sunrise. Love the color contrast between the tree and the sky.

  3. Nice shot. I like the contrast too.

  4. Nice one! I need to post more from my Canon, where is the time though…

  5. I like this, but then I always have been a sucker for sunrises / sunsets… Very nice…

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