Casualties of War

July 8, 2010

Yesterday was July 7th and the fifth anniversary of the bombings on the London Underground. Although I don’t live in London any more, I’m still a Londoner at heart. I was born in London and I spent the first 30 years of my life there. (34 now, in case you’re wondering! Maybe 33? No.. 34 I think.) Anyway, this anniversary made me think of a photograph that I took a few months ago. The competition group had come up with the theme, ‘People’. I decided that I wanted to take a photograph for this competition that encapsulated the theme without including any people. Originally I’d thought about gravestones, but then decided that a memorial would be more suitable. This is a photo of a war memorial in Richmond, England which is in place to commemorate those who died in the first and second world wars. I took this photo with my lovely Sony Cybershot before it broke. 🙂 All I’ve done with it is to change the tone to Sepia to give it more warmth than the original grey stone.


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