The Light Fantastic

July 7, 2010

I love prisms, rainbow and the splitting of light. When captured, it can look amazing. This photo was taken whilst I was waiting for a friend at The Ashmolean Museum, in Oxford. It was my first photo outing, where I spent the day in Oxford just taking photos. I participate with a group of other photographers in a light-hearted competition and at the time the theme was colour. (Colour is possibly the best theme for a photo competition). Anyway, whilst waiting, I noticed the light being split as the revolving glass door… revolved. 🙂 At a certain position, it created this gorgeous effect on the stone tile floor. So, I set about capturing it, which proved to be very difficult as folk seemed hell bent on going in or out and thus spinning that door round and round or walking through the prism. (I guess that too could have been a good photo but, I didn’t want to appear to be some foot fetish perv). Anyway, just after capturing this, there was no more, the sun had possibly got clouded over and the light source was gone. With this photo I just bumped up the saturation  a bit to bring out the lovely colours.



  1. Isn’t it amazing what we notice when we’ve got a certain theme in mind! This is a very intriguing image as I thought for sure you had added the prism after. Your story made me smile and appreciate the photograph even more. Perhaps you caught a phenomenon that rarely happens at that particular place. It would be fun to go back to see if it is there again and include those feet (promise I won’t think you’ve got a fetish :-))

  2. heh… I’ll give it a go 🙂

  3. Interesting photo, good job. You asked for more info about my photo of the Otago Peninsula, so I updated the post http://gomasi.net/2010/07/09/cliffs-in-otago/ .

  4. Great shot…love the rainbow. Did you happen to find the pot of gold, though? That would’ve been nice, too! 😉

    • No 😦 I didn’t find a chirpy leprecon either 😦

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